Matthew Uy


Tremendous work! Only place I went to that succefully assessed and addressed my medical needs.

Giancarlo Carlucci


Great service, personalized attention and good humor. These are all wonderful qualities in a physical therapist and I’m so happy that they’re always available when I need them and have helped me improve!

Tamara Nisanov

Matthew Uy


Matthew graduated from St. Paul University Iloilo, in the Philippines. His commitment to our patient’s well-being goes beyond tasks. With a goal-oriented mindset, he finds joy contributing to patient improvement, making him a compassionate, and effective member of the In Touch NYC Physical Therapy team.

Core Values

Respect, Humility, Courage

Favorite Quote

“you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S Lewis

In my role at In Touch NYC, I specialize in assisting the physical therapists during exercises with patients, ensuring that each session runs smoothly and effectively. My responsibilities extend beyond just exercise assistance; I also take care of the after-care of equipment and the cleaning of treatment beds, maintaining a high standard of hygiene and readiness for each patient.

What I particularly enjoy about working here is the positive working environment. It’s a setting that’s not too overwhelming or toxic, which makes it a pleasant place to be every day. Additionally, the bond I have built with my co-workers is something I truly value. This sense of camaraderie and teamwork not only enhances our work efficiency but also makes the workplace a more enjoyable and supportive space for everyone involved.

What’s Matthew Watching, Reading or Listening To?

  • Young Sheldon (TV show)
  • Giveon (Music Artist)
  • Time Will Tell – Courtney Peppernell (Book)

When I’m not working you can find cleaning – it kills time!


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