Heather Grzasko


Great service, personalized attention and good humor. These are all wonderful qualities in a physical therapist and I’m so happy that they’re always available when I need them and have helped me improve!

Tamara Nisanov


I had a great experience here after hurting my back in the gym, very comfortable setting and very kind.

Jordan Brunette

Heather Grzasko


Heather has a BA degree from Saint Bonaventure University. With an administrative and consultative medical office background, her favorite part about working at In Touch NYC Physical Therapy is the patients. She strives to make every experience seamless.

Core Values

Giving it 100%, Being Respectful

Favorite Quote


As the office manager at In Touch NYC, my role is multifaceted and integral to the smooth operation of all our locations. My responsibilities include verifying insurance, handling patient intake, managing scheduling, and ensuring that authorizations are processed efficiently. I specialize in maintaining an organized and effective workflow, which is crucial for the seamless functioning of our medical offices. One aspect of patient care that I am particularly focused on improving is the response time and transparency of medical offices. I understand that delays and lack of clarity can be frustrating for patients, and I am committed to addressing these issues to enhance their experience. What I truly enjoy about working here is the interaction with the patients. It is rewarding to see the positive impact that our efficient management and patient-centered approach have on their experience and satisfaction with our services. My goal is to continue to foster a welcoming and responsive environment for all our patients.

What’s Heather Watching, Reading, or Listening To?

  • Friends (TV Show)
  • Fargo (TV Show)
  • Smartless (Podcast)

When I’m not working, I enjoy going for walks and hikes with my Australian shepherd, Cosmo. I like going to the theatre, concerts, traveling, and exploring new towns, restaurants, etc.


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