Personal Training And Physical Therapy: A Powerful Duo For NYC Professionals

Personal Training And Physical Therapy: A Powerful Duo For NYC Professionals

May 26, 2023

New Yorkers love to walk, but they also love to sit – For an average of 7 hours a day. That is more than twice the sitting that can lead to a shortened lifespan. For NYC professionals, the culprit is often a desk job that requires extended computer use and limited movement opportunities.

While you do not have to give up your job to stay healthier, you may need to add in some professional support to get you moving more. Here is a look at the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, and how physical therapy and personal training can help.

How A Sedentary Lifestyle Can Damage Your Health

A sedentary lifestyle, which involves little to know physical activity paired with extensive sitting or lying down, can negatively impact both your physical and mental health. Here are a few of the dangers of consistent inactivity:

Physical Effects:

In addition, a sedentary lifestyle can weaken your body and put stress on your neck and back. As a result, many NYC professionals experience neck and back pain and may even be more prone to injuries that occur from heavy lifting, sudden movements, or the introduction of an exercise regimen.

Mental Effects

  • Increased stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood changes

Most of these mental health problems are exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle because exercise is a generator of neurotransmitters such as serotonin that help to stabilize and improve mood. Without regular activity, the brain produces less of these neurotransmitters, making your mental health more of a struggle to maintain as well as your physical health.

The good news is that you do not have to stay stuck in an inactive lifestyle. You do not even have to become an exercise specialist. Let professional physical therapy and customized personal training (PDF) change the effects of your work on your health – For the better.

How does physical therapy in NYC help sedentary professionals?

If you associate physical therapy solely with injury or surgery rehabilitation, then you may need to expand your vision of what these experts can help you achieve.

It is true that PT is a valuable resource for addressing many of the injuries you may experience, including those incurred as a result of inactivity.

For example, if you experience chronic back pain, suffer from a sprain caused by trying to lift something heavy, or incur a sports injury from taking up a new hobby without proper preparation, a physical therapist can assist. In this case, they will likely assess your injury and use tools such as manual therapy, exercises, stretches and other approaches to help you heal.

However, NYC physical therapists are also equipped to help you avoid injuries and pain caused by inactivity. Here are a few:


A physical therapist can teach you the proper way to move in order to accomplish tasks such as heavy lifting. They can also teach you how to use your desk and computer in ways that support your physical health and prevent the onset of chronic neck and back pain.


A skilled PT can also help you to improve certain areas of your body and movement that are putting you are risk of illness or injury. For example, they can help you improve your flexibility, achieve a full range of motion in your joints and improve your balance to prevent falls.


Finally, a physical therapist can support your health by correcting muscle imbalances that may lead to injury.

Through both preventive means and active treatment of existing pain, a PT in NYC can equip your body to be stronger and healthier even while you work a desk job.

How does personal training support NYC professionals?

Another avenue for preventing the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle is personal training. This customized approach to physical fitness isn’t just for bodybuilders and athletes. It is also an ideal way to counteract inactivity in a way that fits your life and physical needs.

Here are some of the ways in which a personal trainer can support increased physical therapy and ongoing health for NYC professionals.


A personal trainer can teach you about proper posture, healthy work habits and other approaches that can help you avoid discomfort and injuries. Even something as simple as sitting correctly at your computer can help you feel better physically.


Your personal trainer can take your health and your lifestyle into consideration. For example, they may be able to develop strengthening exercises around your physical limitations.


Your goals become your personal trainer’s goals. Whether you want to strengthen your entire body, add regular workouts to your week, prepare to run a 5K, or een just become more active, your trainer can assist.


Finally, your personal trainer can help you implement and achieve habits that help you stay more active.

Together, physical therapy and personal training can transform your sedentary life into a more active, and healthy, way to be a professional in New York City. With locations throughout the city, In Touch NYC makes it simple to get both in one clinic, close to home. Our professional, compassionate staff are ready to leverage state-of-the-art technologies to help. Contact us to get started on the path to more activity and better health.

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